Sunday, May 1, 2011

European Bucket List

I have begun to compile a bucket list of things to do/see while we live here in Europe. I will continue to add to it as more ideas come to mind and as I do more research of what's out there and I would love any ideas you have out there. You'll know its accomplished with its written with a line through it.

Les Peces de Saint-Ouen Market in Paris (largest flea market in the world)
Bern LDS Temple
Lay out on an Umbrella boardwalk/beach
Disneyland Paris
Cruise from Barcelona
Greek Islands
Crazy people art museum in Lausanne
Roman baths/Hot Springs
Sing Alanis Morisette in a Karaoke bar and totally ROCK IT!
Sit and sketch some beautiful scenery for hours (no, I'm not an artist)
Buy some beautiful ornaments for my mother from at Christmas market
Return to St. Malo
Romont Switzerland (I always pass by train)
Rent bicycles with baby seats for the day


ladybug said...

Oh Heather! I have not laughed so hard in a long time. I just read your last few posts and your life is so darn funny! You remind me so much of Ally, no wonder you are such good friends. I adore your posts...keep them up.

ladybug said...

Just wanted you to know that it was I, Vi Gilbert, that posted that last note to your account since I don't have a google account I used Jessica's. Congratulations on your news!