Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A complete misunderstanding

The following story includes a first-person narrative based on actual events:

I took the kids shopping in Vevey to get some shoes. Trevor saw that the carousel at the park was up and running so we went over to check it out. The carousel was going round and round even though there was nobody on it. Although I couldn't believe the price, I gave Trevor 3 bucks and he quickly ran over to the carousel booth to gave the old man at the counter his money.

The man took the money without even looking up from his newspaper.

We stood there for a few minutes waiting for the ride to stop and I started thinking to myself, "Maybe they do it differently in Switzerland.... Maybe they don't stop rides before you get on...Maybe that's just something we do in the US..."

I decided to wait a couple more minutes and then said to the old man in my best French, "We go?" to which I recieved a movement of the arm which I took to mean, "Yeah, go ahead."

I shrugged my shoulders, set Henry's stroller aside (there was no one around, I didn't neglect him!) and I grabbed Trevor to jump aboard!

I have to admit, it was a little difficult walking while it circled, but I managed to put Trevor up on the horse he chose, buckled him on, and then jumped back off to go back to the baby.

At this point I heard frantic yelling and obviously I can only quote what I understood....

Man: (Throwing arms in the air) Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah  Blah Blah Blah.!!!!...

Me: (walking over to the booth) Its okay?

Man: Blah blah blah blah Donkey (pointing at the donkey on the ride) Blah Blah Blah!!!!

Me: "I don't speak French. I don't understand" (Spoken with pure clarity)

Man: Blah Blah Blah!!! (Throwing arms up and turning to his newspaper.)

A thought suddenly struck me and I thought maybe the man wanted me to sit on the donkey instead of jumping off. I reply:

 "I can't. I have a baby." (Pointing to my stroller)

To this, the man turned to the side and pretended he couldn't see or hear me anymore. I waved my hand in his face, and he didn't respond. LIKE I WAS TOTALLY INVISIBLE!!!!

I gave him my best glare (even though he wasn't even looking) and turned around to watch Trevor.

..............Several minutes later the ride continued to go around with a very bored looking child saddled to his horse. I started thinking this was the longest ride I've ever seen!

Once again it occured to me that they might not stop the ride for people to get off..... Maybe I'm just supposed to jump on and get him off...

I turned to the man and said, "When is it done?" To which he put his hand up in my face and turned around.

I said very rude things under my breath as I climbed aboard, grabbed Trevor, and jumped off with him in my arms.

Once again with the yelling. He threw his arms back in the air and yelled and as I walked up to him, he turned around and again pretended like he couldn't see or hear me.

I angrily say in English, (which I know he doesn't understand) "Then why didn't you stop the ride!"

Grabbing both childen and thrusting my chin into the air, I turned around to make a dramatic exit and Trevor said:

 "Can I have one of those suckers in the window?"

 "No, he's a very mean man!" (I raised my voice so he could hear at least my tone, if not my words)

A moment passed, and with Trevor's hand in mine he said, "Should we kill him?"

I smile and replied, "No, we won't kill him. We'll just be really mad."

I walked toward the train with my eyebrows drawn, wondering what the hell just happened.


Ally said...

i am crying. crying because there is so much pressure going on in my face because i am laughing so hard. Oh man! I wish I was there!

npantano said...

hahahaha that was hilarious (trevor is SO funny)!!!! but man, that must have been so frustrating ugh... oh well you have your beautiful babies xo